Force Sensor

249,80 (302,26 VAT incl.)

Gauge especification:
Max capacities:500Kg
Output impedance: 350 ± 3ohm
Insulation resistance: More than 2000megohm
Input impedance: 365 ± 5 ohm

Digital Analog Converter specifications: 24-bit and 80Hz

[1-4] 249,8 €/unit | [5-9] 224,82 €/unit | [10+] 199,84 €/unit


Sensor that, through the pressure exerted on it, indicates the applied force.

Able to visualize the isometric maximum force in real time.

And for the analysis of the maximum isometric strength it has graphics like the following:

In future versions of the software the features will be improved.

The Power Sensor contains:

  • Strain gauge
  • Electronic converter device
  • Connections wiring. (Mini-USB cable)
  • Transportation Bag

Additional information

Weight 2,3 kg
Dimensions 26 × 20 × 20 cm