Chronopic Build

Construction (building) of Chronopic 3 board

Main information is here: Chronopic 3.0 (Iearobotics) (in spanish).

Component Component on PCB Description Quantity
Resistor R2,R4,R5,R6 330R 4
Resistor R3 147R 1
Resistor R1 10K 1
Choke CH1 VK200 1
Electrolityc capacitor C4 1uF/100v 1
Ceramic multi.layer capacitor C1,C2 22nF 2
Ceramic capacitor C3,C5 10nF 2
Quartz cristal X1 4MHz 1
LED green 3mm D1,D2 Green LED 3mm 1
LED red 3mm D3,D4 Red LED 3mm 1
PIC16F876A IC1 PIC16F876A 1
FT232RL IC2 FT232RL 1
Switch SPST momentary SW1,SW2 Switch SPST momentary 2
Harting 10 ways straight connector CT1 Harting 10 ways straight 1
Header vertical 2.5mm 5 ways polarized CP1 Header vertical 2.5mm 5 ways polarized 1
Terminal block 2 ways CL1 Terminal block 2 ways 1
RCA female connector CL2 RCA female connector 1
USB connector X1 USB connector acodado, type B 1

Component Manufacturer Man. PN Distributer Dist. PN
PIC16F876A Microchip PIC16F876A-I/SP
FT232RL FTDI FT232RL Farnell 1146032

Attention: Component VK200 it’s inespecific, eg. at Taiwan there’s lots of new vk200 models. We recommend VK2000 FB20010-3B-RC (Ferrite Bead Choke. 6-holes core wired 2.5 turns high current RF choke. Impedance 785Ohm at 100MHz and 460Ohm at 10MHz.)

Maybe you are interested also on Chronopic source code

If you cannot produce Chronopic 3, maybe you are interested in Chronopic 2. Here you have all information on Chronopic 2, also this forum post maybe useful: Juanfer explanation on Chronopic 2 (spanish).

More information at Hardware FAQ, and at Chronopic on Forum.