Chronojump Networks

Chronojump Networks is a Client/Server solution for monitoring the training and having a fluid bidirectional communication between the athlete and the coach. You can watch the video Chronojump Networks and also download a brief summary at chronojump-networks-briefing.

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   Server features

  • Add players
  • Add work stations (clients)
  • Add exercises
  • Add tasks
  • Show results of all clients at “real time”
  • Advanced search of results
  • Export to spreadsheet
  • Manage wristbands replacement

   Clients features

  • Chronojump reliable measurement
  • Detect players using a wristband
  • Results are automatically uploaded to server
  • Improved graphical interface with minimal user interaction
  • No user interaction needed if tasks are defined on server

Running in the gym of the first Barça football team since 2016.

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