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   4 operating systems
Chronojump runs on Windows, MacOS, Linux, ChromeOS. On Windows works on PC and tablets, but not in Win8 RT, Windows 10s, Windows 11s because these windows only allow apps from Microsoft Store.


  Install Chronojump on Windows

Download Chronojump for Windows:   Chronojump 2.3.0-39  (19 May 2023)

  Read changes
If the language of your system is hebrew and you cannot run the software, please contact us.

  Install Chronojump on MacOS

  1. Install mono.
  2. Download Chronojump for macOS:   Chronojump 2.3.0-39  (19 May 2023)
    Read changes
  3. Allow Chronojump on Gatekeeper

  If this is the first time you install Chronojump

If you cannot open the Chronojump-version.dmg file, try to right click on the file, select: “Open with” > “Disk Image Mounter”.
We’ve detected that Suunto users can experience conflicts with Chronojump. Please make sure that Moveslink software is not running during Chronojump use.

  Install Chronojump on Linux

  If this is the first time you install Chronojump

  • Assign permissions for Chronopic:
    sudo usermod -a -G dialout username
  • Close the session in order to ensure that Chronopic permissions are assigned

  Install Chronojump on ChromeOS

This first ChromeOS version needs you to follow this instructions in order to capture from the devices:
  1. Open Chronojump
  2. Click on Session / More / View data folder
  3. You will see a folder with the subfolders: database, encoder, forceSensor, …
  4. Copy chronojump_config.txt in that folder
  5. Close / Open Chronojump


Measured by our microcontroller Chronopic. It measures from contact platforms, photocells and encoders, and sends data to your computer.

There are two Chronopic models

  • Jump / races
  • Encoder
On force sensor and race analyzer we use other controllers designed and manufactured by us (and included in the products).