You can find all the information about using Chronojump Boscosystem® in this manual (7.9 Mb pdf file)

Jumps tutorials

Encoder tutorials

All encoder tutorials (Youtube playlist)

  • Linear encoder 11′ tutorial, Spanish spoken, English subtitles
  • Rotary encoder 10′ tutorial, Spanish spoken, English subtitles
  • Save repetitions: How to save the repetitions for future analysis.
  • Sessions compare: How to compare session of the same person.
  • Edit set: How to edit or fix a set. Useful if there’s is any mistake during the capture in the person, load, exercise, laterality, etc…
  • Optimal training load: How to find the optimal load to achieve the maximum power as well as the theoretical power for each load.
  • Estimate 1RM: How to know the maximum load that an athlete can move. without moving this dangerous load.
  • Estimate nRM indirectly: How to calculate for the athlete with how much load he can perform “n” repetitions.
  • Inertial machines: How to capture a squat exercise in an inertial machine.
  • Inertia momentum calibration: How to calculate the inertia momentum (resistance to angular acceleration) of an inertial machine.
  • Capturing  in Leg Press:  How to capture a leg press exercise in an inclined plane.
  • Comparing sessions: How to compare different sessions of the same person.
  • F-V Profile: How to get the Force-Velocity profile using the data of an incremental load test.
  • Evolution of the F-V Profile: How to observe the evolution of the Force-Velocity profile during several sessions

Races tutorials

Force sensor tutorials

  • Force sensor: How to tare, calibrate and capture as well as perform a maximum isometric test