Races tests

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  Single and intervallic tests   Time
  Agility tests:
20yard, 505, Illinois, Margaria-Kalamen, Shuttle run, T-Test, ZigZag, …
  RSA tests:
Aziz, Balsom, Dawson, Fitzsimons, Gaitanos, Hamilton, RAST, Mujica, Wadley, Wragg…
  User can define new tests  


Sprint profile using 3 lap times

Sprint analysisGet the F0-V0 profile using the sprint analysis

Photocell: Velleman PEM10D

  • Response time (5-100 ms)
  • Adjustable sensing range
  • Input voltage AC-DC from 12 to 250V
  • Relay output (pluggable to Chronopic)
Photocell alignment:

Starting the test with a push button:polsador-tamara2