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The Chronojump team is pleased to announce the resolution of the first edition of the Chronojump Research Award.

Among all the publications of 2018 that have used the Chronojump Bosco-System technology and having evaluated the publications that fulfilled the requirements of the contest, the court has decided that the winner is:

Basilio Pueo, Jose M. Jimenez-Olmedo, Patrycja Lipińska, Krzysztofk Buśko y Alfonso Penichet-Tomas (2018). “Concurrent validity and reliability of proprietary and open-source jump mat systems for the assessment of vertical jumps in sport sciencesFull text

The evaluation committee wanted to make a special mention to the article:

Víctor Illera-Domínguez, Sergi Nuell , Gerard Carmona, Josep M. Padullés, Xavier Padullés, Mario Lloret, Roser Cussó, Xavier Alomar and Joan A. Cadefau (2018). “Early Functional and Morphological Muscle Adaptations During Short-Term Inertial-Squat Training.” Frontiers in Physiology 9(1265). Full text

Due to the participation of Chronojump members in the study, the evaluation committee decided to leave it out of the contest, considering fair and necessary to make the present mention.

Published articles using Chronojump encoders:

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We include here some references to peer-reviewed articles using our encoders:

2014 Publications:

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2015 Publications:

2016 Publications:

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2017 Publications:

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2018 Publications:

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2019 Publications:

  • Iacono, A. D., Beato, M., & Halperin, I. (2019) The effects of cluster-set and traditional-set post activation potentiation protocols on vertical jump performance.

  • Trindade de Freitas, T. (2019). Acute effects and short-term adaptations following different strength and power-oriented resistance training protocols in basketball players.

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