Force tests

Features Results
Isometric force test Evolution of real and modeled force over time
Maximum isometric force Maximum real and modeled force
RFD (Ratio Force Development) RFD (bounded at defined times, maximum,% Fmax)
Users can define the temporality for the calculation of the Impulse Impulse (Newtons * sec) performed

Horizontal force in a treadmill:

Viewing the force in the Russian belt:

Maximum isometric test illustration:


Graphics with raw data
Average mif-raw-average
Instant mif-raw-instant
% Fmax mif-raw-percentfmax
Max RFD mif-raw-maxrfd
Impulse mif-raw-impulse


Graphics with fitted data
Average mif-fitted-average
Instant mif-fitted-instant
% Fmax mif-fitted-percentfmax
Max RFD mif-fitted-rfdmax
Impulse mif-fitted-impulse