Force tests

Features Results
Isometric force test Evolution of real and modeled force over timeMaximum isometric test illustration:
Maximum isometric force Maximum real and modeled force
RFD (Ratio Force Development) RFD (bounded at defined times, maximum,% Fmax)
Users can define the temporality for the calculation of the Impulse Impulse (Newtons * sec) performed

Horizontal force in a treadmill:

Viewing the force in the Russian belt:

Maximum isometric test illustration:



  Graphics with raw data
Average mif-raw-average
Instant mif-raw-instant
% Fmax mif-raw-percentfmax
Max RFD mif-raw-maxrfd
Impulse mif-raw-impulse


  Graphics with fitted data
Average mif-fitted-average
Instant mif-fitted-instant
% Fmax mif-fitted-percentfmax
Max RFD mif-fitted-rfdmax
Impulse mif-fitted-impulse