Force Sensor kit

199,17 (241,00 VAT incl.)

Gauge especification:
Max capacities:500Kg
Output impedance: 350 ± 3ohm
Insulation resistance: More than 2000megohm
Input impedance: 365 ± 5 ohm

Digital Analog Converter specifications: 24-bit and 80Hz


Product Description

Sensor that, through the pressure exerted on it, indicates the applied force.

By the moment the sensor can only perform a maximum isometric force with no real time force showing.

During the test no graph is showed on the windows. After the test a maximum isometric force like this will be presented.


In future versions of the software the features will be improved.

The Power Sensor contains:

  •      Strain gauge
  •      Electronic converter device
  •      Connection wiring to Chronopic