Encoder tests

Capture Analysis
Variables (averages and peaks):

  • Speed, Strength and Power
Season evolution of the athlete

  • Visual and Sound
Optimal load for maximum power work
Editing, saving and loading each series Export of images (.png) and spreadsheets (.csv)
Concentric and eccentric phases Ability to assess the variables every millisecond (ms)


Encoder capture graph

Analysis of test progressive loads graph

Millisecond to millisecond analysis graph

Season analysis graph


Capture and analyze from linear and rotary encoders in different configurations. This includes barbells, inclinated planes, gym equipment and inertial machines (disc or conical).

3 Chronojump encoders:

Linear encoder

  • Cable: 3 meters length.
  • Suitable for any exercise, but connect to inertial machines is not recommended.

Rotary friction encoder

Rotary axis encoder