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Trainers - Physioterapists
Affordable for trainers. Allows intrasession and intersession comparisons (track changes by specific training, rest, illnes, diet, ...). Realtime feedback on repetitive tests.

Our systems are validated. Read main article on validation on jumps. Search 'Chronojump' on Google Scholar. Check articles using our encoder.

Affordable for scools and students. Well documented. Tools can be built by students to improve learning.

Chronojump-Boscosystem measures and manages sport short-time tests. It is a free academic solution used in the laboratory and in the field

Partners: "Free tools development for sports"

We joined non-profit foundation CIDIDA in order to be partners with NCHC for an international project.
Purpose: Develop free tools (software and hardware) to measure in sports.

Project will end at May 2015.


Partners: "Sports Analysis Pack"

CASIO, Chronojump, Kinovea, and Longomatch joined the "Sports Analysis Pack" since the new CASIO high speed camera ZR1000.

CHRONOJUMP-BOSCOSYSTEM - free software - open hardware - reliable - affordable
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