Force Sensor kit

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Force Sensor
Force sensor. Includes cables and electronics to connect to the computer and a carry bag
1 × Force Sensor
249,80 (302,26 VAT incl.)
Adapter for adduction/abduction
Resistance Kit Accessory
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Gauge especification:
Max capacities:500Kg (If you need more capacity, contact Chronojump team)
Output impedance: 350 ± 3ohm
Insulation resistance: More than 2000megohm
Input impedance: 365 ± 5 ohm

Digital-Analog Converter specifications:
Resolution: 24-bit
Frequency: 160Hz
Trigger Input (short circuit detector): RCA

Adapter Adduction/abduction:
Are you interested in an accessory to measure abductions and adductions?
Adapts to the force sensor to enable measurement of adductions and abductions

Resistance kit:
5 different Elastic rubber 1.2m and 1 Elastic rubber 3m long. Includes a carabiner at each end.
1 strap 3m long and 2 straps 0.5m long to hold a maximum of 500kg.
1 multi-purpose hand and foot grip with buckle to facilitate carabiners anchoring
1 ankle grip with buckle to facilitate carabiners anchoring
1 Chronojump Nylon bag

Tests and examples of use:
Sensor that, through the pressure exerted on it, indicates the applied force.
Able to visualize the isometric maximum force in real time.
And for the analysis of the maximum isometric strength it has graphics like the following:

In future versions of the software the features will be improved.

The Power Sensor contains:

  • Strain gauge
  • Electronic converter device
  • Connections wiring. (Mini-USB cable)
  • Transportation Bag

Additional information

Weight 2,3 kg
Dimensions 26 × 20 × 20 cm