Chronojump 1.7.0 (2017 January 13)

  Always free

Download for free, install on any machines you want.

  Constantly updated

Software evolves fast learning from users suggestions.

  In 12 languages

A team of volunteers translate it regularly.

  3 operating systems

Chronojump runs on MacOSX, Linux and Windows (PC and tablets, but not 8 RT).

New features of version 1.7.0

Chronojump screenshots


Measured by our microcontroller Chronopic. It measures from contact platforms, photocells and encoders, and sends data to your computer.

There are two Chronopic models

  • Jump / races
  • Encoder

  Install Chronojump on MacOSX

  Download 1.7.0 for MacOSX

Note: We’ve detected that Suunto users can experience conflicts with Chronojump. Please make sure that Moveslink software is not running during Chronojump use.

If you have disabled csrutil for install previous versions on El Capitan, you can reenable it again.
  If this is the first time you install Chronojump

  If you are updating Chronojump

  • Is better to uninstall previous version first
  • Don’t worry, you will not lose your data

  Install Chronojump on Linux

  Debian / Ubuntu / Mint

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:u-info-x/chronojump-ppa
  • Install with your package manager


  If this is the first time you install Chronojump

  • Assign permissions for Chronopic:
    sudo usermod -a -G dialout username
  • Close the session in order to ensure that the permissions are assigned

  If you are updating Chronojump

  • Update with your package manager
  • Don’t worry, you will not lose your data