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Frequently Asked Questions about Chronojump software

  1. Can I accede the source code and modify the program? And also sell it?Chronojump is a free software distributed under the terms of GPL license , and this permit you to study, modify, redistribute and sell according to the license above. For more information web of GPL on Wikipedia.


  2. ¿How much does it cost?On the web it will always offer a free Chronojump version, but you can also commercialize if you wish your own version, we recommend you to offer extra services to the clients that decide to buy them. You may offer courses to trainers, consultant, integration of the platform + chronometer + software in one machine, …you can also offer the program on any course, class or conference you are involved.


  3. In what operative systems and computer equipment does it work?Chronojump has been written for the programming platform MONO, that has been conceived in order to facilitate the work of the computer programs in different operative systems and computer equipments. So far, it works in GNU/Linux, OSX and Windows systems.


  4. How can I download the program?See the software web page.


  5. Can I try Chronojump even though I don´t have either the chronometer or the contact platform?Yes, it has been created a simulation mode of jumps, races of different lengths of time, reaction time and rhythms, so that it is possible to try the program features. You just need to load the SIMULATED session.


  6. How can I know the last news of the project?You can follow us at twitter. Or check changelog.


  7. Why is it called Chronojump, does it also work to measure races, reaction times and rhythms?The initial idea was the creation of a software destined to measure temporal jump events, but it was seen that with a little more effort the same software can be used to chronometer all kinds of races, reaction times and rhythms. Even though we are now working on these bases, the initial efforts were centered on jumps measurements, that is why Chronojump maintains its original name.


  8. I would like to collaborate, how can I do it?See Forum.