EenVandaag: More and more illegal poker in The Netherlands

EenVandaag: "More and more illegal poker in The Netherlands".

The illegal supply of poker in the Netherlands has increased enormously. That reports EenVandaag that paid attention to the increase of "illegal home games".

According to the item this is mainly caused by the low supply of live poker in the Netherlands. Only Holland Casino offers legal live poker in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, poker players have to rely on Holland Casino to be able to play live poker legally. However, due to the limited offer, sometimes also regionally limited, this is difficult for many poker lovers.

Because of this, according to EenVandaag, there is an increasing illegal supply.

This was also stated in the annual report of the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA). According to the watchdog "the illegal circuit is increasingly popular". Also from other news reports, it appears that more and more illegal tournaments are being rolled up.

For the tv program EenVandaag the increasing attention to illegal poker tournaments was a reason to make an item about the offer.

EenVandaag spoke therein among others with Pieter Boers, Vice President of Gaming & Services at Holland Casino.

He understands that poker players find the legal offer of poker in The Netherlands too limited:

Yes, I understand the criticism. At the moment we, just like the rest of the Netherlands, have a big shortage of staff. This is also reflected in the fact that we have too few croupiers for games such as live blackjack, roulette, and poker. So our poker supply is currently not optimally utilized. The offer must therefore be increased. I take the criticism to heart.

Pieter Boers, Vice President Gaming & Services of Holland Casino

In September 2021, live poker returned to Holland Casino, but due to limited opening hours and coronation measures, poker could not immediately return to its former form.

Now, a few months later, live poker is still not back in full force. For the time being, the state-owned casino seems to be concentrating partly on tournament series, which do return to the poker calendar.

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