WICHRO: Chronojump Wireless Photocells (QR)

Video tutorial of the first steps to follow for the use of WICHRO wireless photocells.

Useful instructions to follow


  • Attach the antennas to the WICHRO and controller.
  • Mount the WICHRO and mirrors on the tripods.
  • Turn on the WICHRO to align them with the mirrors. When the beeping stops, the WICHRO is aligned.
  • Check that when passing through the door (WICHRO + mirror) the cutting beep is heard.


  • Make sure you have the latest software version installed.
  • Identify the device in the software.
  • It is recommended that the athlete pass closer to the mirrors to take better advantage of the double cut of the WICHRO.

To be checked:

  • Do not charge the WICHRO while in use.
  • In the case of having in the same space several WICHRO lanes with different controllers, you must make sure that they are on different communication channels.