WICHRO: Wireless Race Kit

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Case, controller and USB cable
1 × Wichro kit base
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Includes: 1xTerminal, 2xTripods, 1x Reflector
Wichro barrier
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Optional devices
Hand push button
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Floor push-button
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Battery for WICHRO photocell
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– Early alignment and mounting with audible feedback.

– Double beam to avoid double contacts.

– High-power wireless photocells. They can cover a distance of 500 m provided there is visibility and subject to environmental factors.

– Recommended barrier width of 3-4 m.

– Internal battery life 5h. External battery option for extra-long measurement sessions.

– Allows any sprint or agility test to be carried out.

– Coding channels to avoid interference with other WICHRO equipment or other wireless instruments.

– Individually coded: The result graph shows the cut-off of each photocell allowing for new types of tests where you want to record the path used.



  1. Attach the antennas to the WICHRO and controller
  2. Mount the WICHRO and mirrors on the tripods
  3. Turn on the WICHRO to align them with the mirrors. When the beeping stops, the WICHRO is aligned.
  4. Check that when passing through the door (WICHRO + mirror) the cutting beep is heard.


  1. Make sure you have the latest software version installed
  2. Identify the device in the software
  3. It is recommended that the athlete pass closer to the mirrors to take better advantage of the double cut of the WICHRO

To be checked:

  1. Do not charge the WICHRO while in use
  2. In the case of having in the same space several WICHRO lanes with different controllers, you must make sure that they are on different communication channels


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