This page shows changes between the different Chronojump versions published on 2015.

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Chronojump software: 1.5.6 (2015 Dic 21)

  Update Dec 27: We finally fixed the R problem on MacOSX.

Encoder bugs fixed:

  • Fixed crash on encoder analysis with eccentric-concentric separated. Bug since 1.5.5
  • If on Windows latin chars cannot be displayed, the graph is shown in English
  • Fixed bad force/power at end of concentric on inertial signals. Saved reps were ok, sets had bad smoothing.
  • Eccentric-concentric powers almost similar to concentric now
  • Fixed air/land shown on ec on some encoderConfigs that shouldn’t
  • Safer display of analyzed curves treeview

Translations and language changes:

  • Languages sorted natively on menu preferences: language
  • Updated italian translation.

Chronojump software: 1.5.5 (2015 Dic 7)

  Main changes

  • Added 1RM Prediction with indirect methods (eg. Brzycky, Epley, Lander, …)
  • Eccentric calculations use only ground phase
  • Added AVG and SD on encoder analyze table
  • Added Overview of Encoder session on menu

  System specific

MacOSX specific:

  • This version should work on OSX El Capitan
  • Hardware Autodetect Inactive by default on OSX
  • Sending error logs should work again

Windows specific:

  • All graphs on Windows will display latin characters correctly now
  • Safer encoder signal export to CSV

  Minor changes


  • Better power calculation on jumps with TC


  • Cross variables with speed at Y, regression with line (not curve)
  • Better signification “stars” in encoder cross graphs
  • Better displacement calculation on MOVPULLEY configs
  • Better fit on cross variables with more than one serie

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed crash in force calculation on LINEARONPLANE mode
  • Fixed bug very rare on eccentric were phases are detected inversed
  • Fixed crash by ” ‘ ” sign on translated words on encoder (found problem on catalan translation)


  • Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese (98%), Catalan (100%), Czech (99%), Spanish (99%), Swedish (20%).
  • See translation statistics.

Chronojump software: 1.5.4 (2015 Sept 22)

Version 1.5.3 has been very stable. New version: 1.5.4 has no big features, just more fixes in order to be more stable.

  Main changes

  • Hardware auto-detect is configurable from main window.

  System specific

  • Sound on MacOSX now is reproduced by Gstreamer. This fixes a problem on some users where their CPU gets working all the time when playing sounds.
  • Fixed crash on ending a test under certain conditions.
  • Fixed problem on deleting encoder sets on some tablets.


Chronojump software: 1.5.3 (2015 Ago 4)

  Main changes

  • Database access is more stable. This will greatly improve stability of the software.
  • Encoder functions are more stable. Less prone to errors caused by operating system.
  • Encoder processes run faster. Software will perform better in minicomputers.
  • More configurations for tablets.

  Minor changes related to encoder

  • Encoder feedback window (bell) is more usable.
  • Encoder (inertial). Added anchorage list (diameter).
  • Eccentric-concentric mode is the default in inertial modes.


  • Updated translations: Catalan (100%), Czech (99%), Spanish (100%).
  • See translation statistics.
  • Translated encoder exercise names.

Chronojump software: 1.5.2 (2015 Jul 25)

  Main changes

  • All tests in the software (jump, runs, other tests) have an interface similar to encoder. Selection of tests and options is on the top and there are only two tabs: Capture and Analysis. Results tab (from previous versions) it’s found now inside of Capture (select it at center-right of the screen “Show table”).
  • Added language change option in preferences (for users who had problems with the language of Chronojump).
  • Safer autodetection of Chronopic.

  Minor changes


  • If no session, two big buttons are shown on the left (new session / open session).
  • Person win is much easier to use now.
  • Improved interface for tablets with bigger buttons and a person select window (This tables have to run on Windows, Linux or MacOSX).
  • Safer load session, export, report (with less database calls). Some users had problems with too much Open/close database actions.
  • Safer open of a CSV (spreadsheet) if it’s already opened by other software.


  • Fixed not display of calculation of potency and stiffness on interval jumps after the jump.


  • Improved power calculation on inertial modes (now eccentric values are higher than in previous versions).
  • Added forces on encoder analyze table.
  • Created configuration file for automatic configuration encoder and inertia machine (inertia machine vendors can send his file to their clients).
  • GUI improved on encoder main buttons: calcule, recalculate, …
  • Moved encoder “export current set” to menu.
  • Some encoder methods are more robust.
  • Fixed smoothings on eccentric-concentric repetititions. Some of them had a smoothing too low.
  • Encoder configuration window separates gravity than inertia machines. Also separates rotary friction encoders with a selector: (On axis / outside axis).

System specific:

  • MacOSX: Fixed not shown of splash win on database problem at start on MacOSX.
  • Linux: Fixed sound on Linux (using Gstreamer).


  • Updated translations: Catalan (99%), Czech (99%), French (79%), Hungarian (56%), Italian(98%), Spanish (100%).
  • See translation statistics.

Chronojump software: 1.5.1 (2015 May 29)

  Global changes

  • Encoder is autodetected in all systems
  • Normal Chronopic (jumps / runs) is autodetected on MacOSX and Linux (Windows will be solved on next version)
  • Fixed crash at load session when checkboxes are clicked



  • Encoder processes are much faster now (processes leave opened)
  • After capture, treeview and bars are not erased. Don’t need to wait to be created the final set graph. This is much faster.

Graphical interface:

  • New layout of encoder capture (video and serie on the right)
  • Inertia extra weights selectable from main gui
  • Adaptative displayed height on capture
  • Encoder configuration window is better now
  • Improved encoder inertial images

New features:

  • Encoder capture tab show force on realtime plot and works with bells
  • Encoder configuration gets stored on database for having the same configuration next time Chronojump is opened
  • Added two inertial modes: lateral and mov pulley
  • Encoder video filename is shown and folder can be opened
  • Some graphs use inertia instead of mass if some repetitions are inertial
  • On load set, current set row is selected
  • On side compare speed, power, … 0 horizontal line is shown
  • On paint eccentric show also min speed, min power
  • Barplot eccentric shows diagonal -45 lines for eccentric

Better calculations:

  • Calculations (like mean power) are the same now on realtime capture and on other calculations because calculation methods have been unified
  • Safer calcule repetitons on capture (shorter are discarded, this fixes some problems in small micromovements or cable distensions while doing the movement)
  • Better way to auto-calculate the smoothings on eccentric using power instead of speed
  • Eccentric speed is shown in absolute value

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed 1.5.0 bug: cancel or delete signal makes bars disappear until cj is closed
  • Fixes on encoder recalculate and previously saved repetitions (no more meanPower 0)
  • Fixed problem (Chronojump crashed) with weight (with decimals) on analyze
  • Fixed bad smoothing was assigned to some repetitions
  • Fixed force and power in inclinated planes
  • Now Jump height calculation is only in linear and inverted modes
  • Fixed delete session now deletes all encoder and videos stuff

  System specific

MacOSX specific:

  • Error log (and ping) can be sent from MacOSX
  • Fixed splashWin (initial small window) permanent on mac sometimes

Raspberry Pi specific:

  • Run maximized by default
  • On raspberry not camera (personal photos) cannot be done
  • Extra mass controls for raspberry


  • Added Italian translation
  • Updated Czech, Romanian translations

Chronojump software: 1.5.0 (2015 March 17)

Update 8 April: We published an update for MacOSX fixing a screen that gets hanged on start. Now the official 1.5.0 download for Mac has this update and other improvements that will be on version .1.

  Main changes


  • Photos and video work now on MacOSX.
  • First startup of the software (creation of database) now is much faster (6 times aprox.)
  • In order to detect and fix bugs fast, a log is always saved and can be sended easily to us (just press a button if software crashed).On MacOSX it has been deactivated temporarily, but users can send it opening ‘preferences’ window, then clicking on ‘open logs folder’ and sending the files by email.
  • Improved start on MacOSX. On some systems crashes sometimes.
  • When one or more peresons are loaded, now the ‘modify person’ window does not appear. Then loading is faster.


  • New capture method. Faster and works in all systems (old method didn’t work on XP and has some problems on MacOSX).
  • On capture now realtime data on inertial machines is dispayed. Repetitions are shown as concentric or concentric-eccentric.But, after capture, repetitions will be shown as concentric or ecc-con. This happens because all the software parts are not prepared yet to manage the con-ecc repetitions.
  • Results on realtime capture are now very similar to the results obtained at the end of capture.
  • Inertial machines with too much friction can use now the inertial momentum calculation method because now it needs only half of the oscillations than before.
  • During the capture. now the force can be shown but only numerical. Graphical realtime force capture will be done in next version.
  • Video record and play is done in a bigger and centered area of main window.
  • At the ‘analyze’ tab, ‘cross variables’ button, now there’s a different icon for eccentric-concentric phases, and also laterality. Laterality is shown also in other graphs.
  • If there’s a problem on capture, software will not crash now. User has to be able to cancel the analyze process.
  • Fixed bug exporting on encoder. It didn’t worked on some systems.

Jumps and runs:

  • Added stiffness calculation on jumps.
  • Fixed a problem on performing interval runs when only on track has been detected.
  • Fixed bug with the ‘time’ label at the end of some jumps and runs.

  Minor changes


  • Better colors for differentiate ecc-con phases.
  • Is USB cable is disconnected while capture with encoder, software detects it and alerts the user. This works fine on Linux and MacOSX, but the fix is still pending on Windows.
  • On the ecc-con capture, first repetition is discarded if it’s concentric.
  • While capturing now is not possible to press buttons like weight, laterality, … changing this button on capture produces problems in previous version.
  • Fixed some bugs on loosing information on serie recalculation (video got lost). All the lost data has been recuperated.
  • Fixed a problem on saving 1RM when it couldn’t be calculated.
  • Fixed problem on 1RM calculation of different exercises at the same time. Now it’s not allowed to calculate 1RM of different exercies together.
  • Fixed small problem on the person displacement on the axis rotary encoder at inertial machines.
  • More precision on inertia momentum calculation because now two decimals are allowed in machine diameters.

Jumps and runs:

  • On multijumps capture ‘height’ is shown and can be used as feedback (bells).
  • If USB is disconnected at the middle of test, test can be aborted (on previous versions software started an infinite bucle).
  • Deleted “maximum” jump, now “Free” jumps is used.
  • Fixed power calculation on Drop Jump (extra weight was not used in the formula).
  • Now multijumps show also power.
  • Fixed Chronopic connection problem on multijumps or interval runs tabs.
  • Improvements on jumps and runs cancel. Now software performs better after a cancelled test.
  • Exporting reactive jumps show more data now.


  • Fixed a random problem on Chronopic detection that makes Chronopic window close suddenly.

  Software manuals have been updated

  Chronojump translation status

  • English(*): 100%
  • Spanish: 100%
  • Czech: 100%
  • Bosnian: 99%
  • Catalan: 98%
  • Greek 95%
  • Slovene: 93%

(*) Original language of the software.

List includes translations >= 90%.

More info at:


  • Thanks to Andoni Morales for his help on packaging the software. Thanks to Carles Pina for the server integration.
  • Thanks to Jordi Carreras, Francesc Hernández and Ferran Suárez for all the software tests they have done.

Changelog (by years): 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015.