This page shows changes between the different Chronojump versions published on 2023 …
… and 2024 at the moment. As Apple is going very slow on certificate us to be able to publish new versions for their new products, we are still maintaining the 2.3 (2023) naming.

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Chronojump software: 2.3.0-1607 (2024 Jun 13)

(Not in Mac)
  • New feature: Persons can be filtered on session. It helps to find a person on sessions with many persons. CTRL+p can be used to fast access this filter. We had to change a bit session, persons, database buttons to fit this new filter. We also made changes on shortcuts to avoid conflicts with this filter.
  • Better sync for RaceAnalyzer video playback.
  • New feature: Race Analyzer can analyze from 0 instant (not only from where acceleration is greater than desired). This is good for showing the graph synchronized with the video.
  • Fixed change to 1st person (and clearing graphs) on preferences closed since few versions ago.
  • Fixed USB disconnected on force sensor at capture aprox > 40s.
  • ForceSensor & RaceAnalyzer analyze slidebars, on move B to A it moves A.
  • ForceSensor & RaceAnalyzer fixes (was crashing on some systems) on model generation.
  • Improvements on ForceSensor worm feedback game:
    • worm a bit at left and with heading arrow (to reduce reaction time/anticipation component).
    • worm go up/down 70% (at previous versions random coul make the worm be too flat. Now random goes up/down/up/…
    • Fixed possible crash.
  • Improvements on ForceSensor & encoder feedback asteroids game:
    • Have 3 powers: +100 points, double shot (5s duration), unstoppable shot (5s duration).
    • Have stars, grid is pale to be able to see them.
    • Show Finish points at 100s.
  • Improvements on ForceSensor feedback questionnaire game:
    • At feedback dialog, the question duration can be changed.
    • To have more time to decide: ball is more at left and change question and answers earlier.
    • Ensure only 1 point is assigned at each correct answer.

Chronojump software: 2.3.0-1556 (2024 Jun 5)

(Not in Mac)
  • Fixes to camera record and play on Windows & Linux.
  • New feature on Force sensor: added Best Stability (lack of variaibility) in a window time. Configurable on preferences. Data is shown on analyze graph, table and can be exported.
  • Fixed crash on race analyzer Analyze on non-latin systems (decimal is point).
  • ForceSensor load set: Fixed edit comment, playvideo buttons.
  • Database: 2.51

Chronojump software: 2.3.0-1528 (2024 May 30)

(Not in Mac)
  • Race analyzer changes
    • Race analyzer video play correctly in sync.
    • RaceAnalyzer load set Fixed edit comment, playvideo buttons.
    • RaceAnalyzer exports triggers and multiple fixes there when no triggers.
  • Fixed lack of Sqlite.Close on SelectCurrentSessionPersons since May 10.
  • Fixed webcam preview window title (at least on Linux).
  • If playing camera it closes on change person, load race analyzer set or Quit program.
  • Database: 2.50

Chronojump software: 2.3.0-1518 (2024 May 23)

(Not in Mac)
  • Fixed a problem with encoder analyze instantantaneous on ecc-con since last version.
  • Minor: Fixed encoder/graph.R sometimes bad polygon when propulsive not found.
  • On code & gui do not allow to edit/delete person when there is no person.
  • At webcam play check first if file really exists. And solve potential problem exiting thread early.
  • Fixed chronojumpIsExecutingNTimes on Linux since dotnet
  • unsensitive radios now are on grey

Chronojump software: 2.3.0-1507 (2024 May 15)


Chronojump software: 2.3.0-83 (2024 March-Apr)

  • Database updated to 2.48.
  • Fixed not normalized unicode data on chronojump_importer.

Chronojump software: 2.3.0-79 (2023 Nov 7)

Fixed problems on finish capture on some force sensor and Race Analyzer.

Chronojump software: 2.3.0-77 (2023 Nov 3)

  • General Chronojump changes
    • Session load show sessions in half time.
    • Added a generic image.png (for showing when an image cannot be shown).
    • If a pixbuf cannot be opened (eg after downloading news) image.png will be shown.
    • Discover devices: Do not store in DB an UNKNOWN device.
    • Fix on detection of Windows on Turkish with tr_TR localization.
  • Jumps/Races
    • Fixed Jump Stats advanced simple with Tc DjPower formula (label and calc). Thanks to Riccardo.
  • Force Sensor
    • Updated arduino code for HX711 v0.7.5 library.
  • Encoder
    • bargraph max intersession updates correctly (and is more clear).
    • Fixed replay sounds on encoder capture while screen redraw (since encoder cairo bars).
    • Fixed unsensitive graphical interface when file not found
    • Windows Encoder capture/graph: Fix crash when user name has spaces: eg C:\Users\name surname
More info of this version here: Publish Chronojump cherry version 2.3.0-77

Chronojump software: 2.3.0-63 (2023 Jun 9)

  • Jumps/Races
    • If USB is disconnected at start capture of jumps/races (with Chronopic or WICHRO) Chronojump manages better the problem.
    • Fixed runInterval (only photocells) counting first timestamp on start on tc and speed start without counting tc. now it is 0.
    • Fixed crash on Jump simple / analyze / advanced / DjPower / dispersion graph
    • DB to 2.46 Added two missing RunsI feedback variables: RunsIFeedbackShowBestSpeed, RunsIFeedbackShowWorstSpeed
  • Encoder
    • Encoder R getSpeed checks better if spline can be done. Helping to find correct smooth on findSmoothingsEC
    • Encoder export all curves does not crash on windows when file is owned by another application
    • At least 3 encoder R fixes (check code if interested)
    • Fixed potential crash on encoder prepareAnalyzeRepetitions after deleting a session
  • Race Analyzer
    • On RaceAnalyzer export distances do not use “Y”, use “to”
    • RaceAnalyzer plays start sound at capture start and bad sound at capture problems
    • RaceAnalyzer does not crash if usb is disconnected while capturing (shows disconnected message)
    • Fixed: race analyzer capture cairo graphs saying accel is not > minimal when capture starts and there is not data yet
  • Force Sensor
    • ForceSensor plays start sound at capture start and bad sound at capture problems
    • if forceSensor disconnect while capture: show devices button (hiding capture button)
  • System specific:
    • Windows: updated FTD2XX_NET (.cs and .DLL) from 1.0.14 to 1.1.2
    • For Cloud users: On boot if LastDBFullPath does not exists, blank it on config and do not try to load it
  • on_button_top_person_delete_person do not call personChanged (maybe avoid crash)
  • Fixed possibly crash on decimal too short or large on Cairo graphs getGridStepAndBoundaries
More info of this version here: Publish Chronojump cherry version 2.3.0-63

Chronojump software: 2.3.0-39 (2023 May 19)

  • Fixes on RaceAnalyzer export
  • person merge: Fixed duplicated personSession under certain conditions
  • Fixed jumpsRjFatigue graph crash when a tc is soooo big
  • Minor fixes: Fixed combo sensitivity on using ComboSelectNext
  • Linux/ChromeOS fix: fixed chronopicRegister because udevadm now returns values different
  • Mac: Updated Rmacdownload still 3.6.3 but fixed the link
  • Fixed not showing feedback button on jumps reactive (but feedback on jumps multiples and intervallic races will not work until 2.3.1
  • DB to 2.45 Added JumpsRj, RunsI feedback variables
More info of this version here: Publish 2.3.0-39

Chronojump software: 2.3.0-31 (2023 Apr 3)

  • Ready for work on Chromebook devices
  • If ForceSensor too big force (maybe bad calibration): shown message ok and stop
  • Flush at 1st inertial calibration (fixes bad calibration on some Windows)
  • Fixed: Windows: encoder inertial when capturing if click on device then says…
  • Fixed crash on CairoGraphForceSensorSignal when triggers are after capture end
  • Fix showing 2414 at end of 3L3R capture. With this shows: 24,14
  • ForceSensorExercise add/edit removes characters ‘/’ and ‘\’
  • ForceSensor up to 20000 N
  • RaceAnalyzer. Fixed multiple export error in bad sprint execution
  • RaceAnalyzer. Increased iterations until convergence for the non linear regression.
  • RaceAnalyzer. Fixed wrong sense detection if user keeps capturing during string retrieve
  • runDoubleContactsMS, runIDoubleContactsMS minimum 10 ms
  • Updated DB: 2.44
  • Removed some unused programs on compilation
  • More fixes in OpenExternalDB
  • Added missing RemoveSlash method
More info of this version here: publish 2.3.0-31

Chronojump software: 2.3.0-12 (2023 Feb 20)

  • Now bars on jumps/races capture tab are shown always in correct order.
  • EncoderConfiguration inverted modes while capture show everything at realtime and as expected.
  • Fixed encoder inertial disconnect after first capture on some systems.
  • Fixed very rare crash on Chronojump logo display.
  • Fixed gui problems on use external DB (only affects one user right now).

Chronojump software: 2.3.0-7 (2023 Feb 1)

  • Fixed crash on encoder close and capture when device is not autodected yet
  • Fixed import a 7z fails if inside folder name is different than name.7z
  • On encoder add/edit remove ‘,’ ‘;’ from exercise name
  • Deactivated preferences muteLogs
  • Better comments on logs to fix eventual problems

Chronojump software: 2.3.0-1 (2023 Jan 6)

  • Fixed Connection problems of 2.3.0 autodiscover new devices on contact platform and WICHRO on some systems.
  • Thanks to: Rohit Kumar, Jose Angel Escobar, Darragh Ugarte and Sean Taylor.

Chronojump software: 2.3.0 (2023 Jan 2)

General Chronojump changes

  • Changed software modes
    • Now modes are jumps, races, isometric, elastic, weights, inertial.
    • Jumps uses the contact platform.
    • Races use photocells (wireless like WICHRO or the old ones) or the Race Analyzer.
    • Isometric and elastic use the force sensor. But it has been separated in two modes because the tests and the resistance are very different. Note exercises can be in one mode or in both (user can choose).
    • Weights and inertial are related to encoder (linear on the first, rotary on the second).
  • Automatic hardware detection
    • Hardware devices are automatically discovered. Selection depends on the mode (compatible devices for the mode are searched)
    • Allows to have eg. n forceSensors connected and choose which is going to be used.
    • Device button is now at right of capture buttons (as its related). And Adjust button (force sensor) is also there.
    • Devices button on right top is only shown on Networks (that continues with past behaviour).
  • Persons management changes
    • Moved to the center of the screen. In order to show options clearly (like on session/more).
    • Added Merge persons button (to solve import problems where a person has been imported with a different name than the current person). It manages any change in the person variables and in the variables of that persons related to each session.
    • Adding multiple persons had several improvements like being able to use person’s height, leg height and hips height on SJ flexion. And many user interface improvements.
  • Sessions are imported/exported compressed. This helps a lot to share sessions between users. Compression/decompression is done by 7zip. Installed automatically on Win/Mac under Chronojump dirs. On Linux it warns if not found.
  • Last person is stored and automatically selected on new Chronojump start if load last session is active.
  • Improvements on linked selection of graphs Selecting a jump or race on the bottom/left graph, selects it on the table and it shows on the top graph (for jumps multiple and intervallic races). Selecting on the table it also shows on the top.
  • Show all tests of a person allow to partially write a name and a list of coindicing names is shown.
  • All the software new graphs (Cairo) are much faster now (draw is done first to a surface).
  • Interactive graphs show a mouse icon (meaning that can be clicked).
  • Any Cairo XY graph where x is datetime, on click show date in days instead of percentage of year.
  • From session more can be seen the data folder and the specific data folder if the mode is a mode with datafiles like force sensor.
  • Updated Windows Chronopic drivers CDM21228 -> CDM212364 (2021-07-15)
  • Updated ffmpeg and ffplay for mac to 5.1.2.
  • If importer fails on Windows by lack of msvcr100.dll (faulty Windows installation) an specific error message is shown.
  • More height for gui import results (to allow showing any error message).
  • Fixed bugs related to animated logo being shown or not after the backups question.
  • When another person is selected all the graphs get blank to not display data of another person.
  • Updated Chronojump animated logo (now is a carroussel to the left).


  • While capture it shows an icon for land/air.
  • Jumps assymetry and bilateral daily graph with options to configure selected jump types.
  • Jumps multiple fatigue graph divided by time instead of by jumps and shows IRFR calculation (last quarter / 1st quarter).
  • Extra weight and fall variables: Icons and values are displayed on top left at capture tab.
  • Also weight and fall have buttons for -10, -1, +1, 10.
  • jump/races data table show datetime in YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss
  • Fixed Jump stats advanced simple with Tc DjPower formula (label and calc).
  • Fixed a crash that happens ocassionally at ending a jump (after being stored) (by having two data readers open if window gets resized).

Races with photocells

  • On edit a race, the distance of each track can be changed (except on agility tests, fixed distance tests and RSA).
  • On edit a race it can be changed the person who done it.
  • Capture graph show no spaces between bars to express the continuity.
  • Sprint model analysis display a table that can be exported.
  • On WICHRO the photocell number that cuts each of the phases is shown on capture graph at edge of each bar (and gets stored for being shown when selected).
  • Red photocells running mark, show photocell number on WICHRO.
  • Fixed distance, time, speed labels in agility tests graphs since moved to Cairo.
  • Ensure races ends correctly when there are problems with contacts (Was: Waiting 100 ms to exit bucle).
  • Fixed crash on select “unlimited” race test.

Race analyzer

  • Analyze tab can also analyze/export non-sprints.
  • Export exports the speed, power and force of each split (segment).
  • Smooth slider to see capture graphs with an smoothing (moving average) filter.
  • Capture tabs graph speed/time have bars (for each segment) showing power or force or accel (selectable from feedback icon) and according to smoothing.
  • Sprint max speed line is drawn according to smoothing.
  • When test is shorter than configured distance now on analyze it displays a graph that shows clearly the problem.
  • Exercise types have a default angle.
  • Graphs at capture tab, when loaded start at preferences.runEncoderMinAccel (10ms^2) (shifting time to left) or at 1st trigger (whatever happens first).
  • On changing device and then connect, no longer need to double click capture to make it work.
  • Analyze/export export datetime column.
  • Improvements on the calculation of modelized data (model starts at T0).
  • Fixed occasional duplicated values on import race analyzer data.
  • Fixed crash on removing RaceAnalyzer USB cable while capturing.

Force sensor (Isometric, Elastic)

  • Force sensor modes separated into Isometric and Elastic.
  • Implemented Best average RFD in x ms (raw and fitted).
  • Tare and calibrate have a countdown first in order to know when process will start (and be used easily by only one person).
  • Added program to fix forceSensor calibration on a dir.
  • Capture force window was +-2N now is +-50N.
  • On preferences it can be changed the lag for RMSSD/cvRMSSD (previously was always 1).
  • On changing device and then connect, no longer need to double click capture to make it work.
  • Fixed crash on forces higher than 5000N (impossible) and bigger (caused by bad cable connection or other hardware related problems).

Encoder (Weights, Inertial)

  • Realtime capture line graph and bars are now done by Cairo.
  • Implemented Load-Speed graph with L0, V0.
  • Encoder analyze can filter repetitions by laterality.
  • Improvements on encoder configuration actions: edit, duplicate, …
  • Preferences encoder can select criteria for best ecc-con repetition, and stored meanPower, meanSpeed, meanForce is according to this criteria.
  • Encoder overview reps show meanSpeed, meanForce, meanPower (previously only show meanPower).
  • Encoder overview shows the contraction and the criteria.
  • Encoder configuration import/edit does not create new configurations with _copy. Fixed and deleted unused configurations.
  • The options on encoder cross analyze have been written in a more clear way.
  • Fixed encoder analyze show all set speed was treated always as inertial (forcing to sign changes).
  • Fixed sometimes awkward value of spin_encoder_im_weights_n (number of inertial weights) and label_encoder_displaced_weight (displaced weight)
  • Fixed on encoder recalculate does not store change of extra weight.
  • Fixed lack of smoothings on some configurations at graph.R singleFile.


  • Networks (all modes) now how as Guest button to be used by persons without wristband/account. Data is not uploaded, not stored, use main speed, disables some widgets.
  • Client can use another database using some chronojumpConfig commands. Nice to open backups of different stations and working in them like being local.
  • Jumps are fully functional: Any jump type can be download from the server, any jump can be uploaded to the server.
  • When wristband is detected a Read/connecting message is shown. Allows to know that wristband is readed and we are waiting to server.
  • Magic number: A50285BI can be used and remembered on Arduino RFID.

Updated translations

  • Basque, Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Georgian, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukranian.

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