This page shows changes between the different Chronojump versions published on 2016.

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Chronojump software: 1.6.2b (2016 August 8)

  New features

  • New Chronojump Jumps Profile graph showing five index comparing between jumps. Also added a general recommendations table for improving indexes. See this funny video.
  • Simulated tests can only be done on new “SIMULATED” session. This session cannot be edited or deleted. This helps users to avoid mistakes on capturing fake data when Chronopic is not connected.
  • Encoder:
    • Encoder continuous mode (at the moment only in gravitatory). Allows to continuously capture without needing to press any button.
    • An inertial set where string is not fully extended at beginning of capture, is now automatically corrected when capture ends and user is notified. This can be adjusted and removed on preferences.
    • New encoder automatic save repetitions mode: “from 4th to penultimate” or “4toP”. Ideal for saving fast inertial repetitions.
  • Added automatic software-tests that will be run only on developer computers and will help to find and fix software problems much faster.

  Global changes

  • Updated Chronopic firmware for Windows.
  • Session load window separates gravitatory/inertial sets/repetitions.

  Jumps, Runs, Other tests

  • Jumps, runs, reactionTimes execute graphs show person best (all sessions), and shows context info (session where best result is achieved).
  • Jumps, runs, reactionTimes execute graphs get updated on edit, delete on treeviews.
  • Improvements on updating execute graphs.
  • Improvements on reaction time results table.
  • Changing person or jump type updates jump simple graph (same for runs).
  • Analyze tab not shown on “other” tests.
  • Better message on jumps graph if there’s no data.


  • On eccentric-concentric distance is calculated suming both phases.
  • Analysis of eccentric-concentric single repetition is much faster now.
  • Better gui for encoder capture buttons, specially on CustomButtons (tablets).
  • Change from gravitatory<->inertial cleans interface now.
  • Better header message on encoder session overview.

  Bugs fixed

  • Fixed crashes on selecting encoder repetitions on analysis tab. Sorry for this problem because affected some users. Thanks users for sending logs.
  • Fixed a crash on analyze crossVariables with 2 unique X values and trying to plot a curve.
  • Fixed ocassionally problems on save repetitions on persons with names of non-common codifications.
  • Improvements on encoder capture/analysis processes
  • Fixed crashes on adding jump types, run types, encoder exercises or session (name, place, comments) with this character: “
  • Fixed Inertia Momentum calculation time-distance since 1.6.1
  • Fixed glitch on creating a session with an existing name.
  • Fixed really occasional problem on writing logs by multithreading problems of Console.SetOut
  • At encoder, fixed some glitches with RepsActive and RepsAll.


  • Updated translations: Catalan, Hungarian, Spanish.

Chronojump software: 1.6.1 (2016 June 15)

  Global changes

  • 4 main modes with nicer graphs.
  • Session menu shows different things depending on mode.
  • Preferences shows only related mode pages.
  • Automatic names of exported files.

  Jumps, Runs, Other tests

  • Greatly improved all graphs of simple tests. With animation bar, value at the middle, easier to understand and allowing to compare with other from same or other persons.
  • Greatly improved run interval graph. Now distance, time and speed are shown. X is time. 0 speed is shown on beginning if start on the photocell.


  • Encoder separated in two modes: Gravitational and inertial. This affects to capture, analyze, select encoder, load set, overview of encoder session, 1RM, Neuromuscular profile, …
  • Big change on encoder analyze with 4 modes: Current set, Saved repetitions, Intersession, Interperson. Much clear and useful way to manage sets and repetitions. Intersession allows having date on X.
  • Capture feedback automatic by set done! You can have a realtime feedback on repetitions depending on the max value of the same set. See bells.
  • Save best repetition on ecc-con uses the average between both. Previously used only concentric phase.
  • Better GUI for capture: feedback after end of concentric or eccentric. No more wait to the end of two phases.
  • Better GUI for capture inertial:
    • Shows instructions.
    • First eccentric phase on gray.
    • Two lines on realtime graph (body and disc).
  • Encoder capture bars more contrast in eccentric blues, greens and reds.
  • Inertia moment calculation has a default (and max) time of 120 s.
  • Cross variables uses mass extra instead of total mass.
  • Better phase cut on inertial. Cuts by speed like gravitatory encoder.
  • 1RM changes:
    • 1RM window is intersession. 1RM from same person, same exercise but different sessions are used.
    • Indirect 1RM can be saved.
    • 1RM can be added manually.
    • Fixes glitch on 1RM window when deleting a value.
  • Two decimals on speed feedback.
  • Analyze Cross variables fits graph vertical size by fitcurve. Fixes displaying curve outside of graph.
  • Fixed minimum values for fitted lines in laterallity and minimum unique(x) repetitions in fitted lines.
  • Analyze instant can select all set (not only one repetition).
  • Analyze pulsebar show progress of readed and smoothed repetitions (easier to see progress).
  • Better smoothings on extreme “spar” conditions.
  • Use “ressistant torque” when comparing repetitions with different diameter or gearedDown.

  Bugs fixed

  • Fixed Chronopic window that was problematic on some systems.
  • Fix crash on preferences when using a database on a system with “lower” camera detection.
  • Fixed crash on tests limited by time with more intervalTimes than distancesString.
  • Jump treeview displayed weight in Kg (regardless weight % preference). Now is fixed.
  • Fixed crash on inserting new run intervalType with distance as float (on latin languages).
  • Fixed possible crash on a null pixmap on loading set.
  • Fixed problems on save 1RM.
  • Safer methods fixing bugs on encoder at some rare situations.
  • Fixed crash on paintCrossVariables laterality with 1 unique x.
  • Fixed crash on recalculate when 1 concentric cannot be changed to 1 ecc-con.


  • Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese (98%), Catalan (100%), Czech (97%), German (83%), Greek (96%), Hungarian (100%), Italian (97%), Serbian (97%), Spanish (100%).
  • Special thanks to the Hungarian team and Lajos Rózsavölgyi and Márk Rózsavölgyi for the huge work done last weeks.

Chronojump software: 1.6.0 (2016 March 10)

  Major changes

  • Instant values on encoder analyze single repetition. See this video. Able to see instantaneous data and statistics from one instant to another.
  • Encoder improved smoothing. Great on start/end of an inertial repetition.
  • Geared down or up on inertial machines from encoder configration window.
  • Added capture instructions on inertial machines.

  Minor changes

  • On encoder capture tab clicking on “Best” will select best “mean power” or best “max speed” or whatever main variable is being evaluated.
  • Different Left Right regression lines on cross variables.
  • crossVariables adjusted with line (except power/load and power/speed).
  • Analyze table now shows Inertia and MAX.
  • Improved encoder and preferences graphical interface.
  • Session load has a filter name.
  • Person can be deleted from PersonSelect (tablets).
  • Better/faster smoothings on eccentric-concentric based on splines.
  • A set can be loaded from analyze tab.
  • Minimal height different for inertial and not inertial.
  • Recording time default to 60s.
  • Implemented debug mode for encoder.
  • Jumps, runs: tab on show graph / table on all tests (like on encoder analyze).
  • Runs: double contacts time from 1000ms to 300ms.


  • New icon for install (different than executing icon).


  • Fixed sound on OSX.
  • Better call of Rscript on OSX.
  • Better check of R on OSX and cannot run “Power” without it.

  Bugs fixed

  • Now “No curves found” works better on inertial.
  • Fixed: On load an inertial set, no more automatically selects ecc-con always.
  • Fixed and cleaned the code for MOVPULLEY inertial machines.
  • Disabled legend translation on paintCrossVariables (problematic on some Wins and OSX).
  • Fixed problem in encoder analyze table SD (was using also avg row).
  • Fixed not saving 1RM on some locales.
  • Fixed units in optimal Inertia momentum.
  • Safer ‘ to \” on all SQL calls (fixes catalan strings with ‘).

  Software manuals have been updated


  • Updated Catalan, Czech, German, Spanish, Serbian translations.


  • Thanks to Joan Aguilera and Marc Quílez for all the software tests they have done.

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